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LIME4Life Line

LIME4Life is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to support students who are victims of bullying in a variety of ways.
Our goal is to raise money for those who can't afford the support they need, hold community meetings, and maintain a website as a forum for connection and support. LIME4Life is dedicated in creating a strong awareness about bullying and its effects.



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HYDE - March 20th
ALLARD - April 10th

Kid's Night In is an event for 4th graders that are preparing to go into middle school. LIME4Life presents a night for all 4th graders in the elementary school to come have fun and also learn about some social issues they may come across in their next few years. We have 3 sessions for the kids that cover body image, internet safety, and bullying. The main focus is bullying and learning how to cope with it, and for the kids to be able to hear my story and where I am at now. We also try to bring in some other older kids who have their own stories as well. Throughout the night we also have other activities like get fit, a self-portrait, and team building along with a talent show and dinner! This year will be our 3rd annual year holding this event in Moon Area School District. Keep a look out for the sign up sheets in your kid's folders!